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Successful business trip in Cambodia - Thailand - Malaysia

During mid-autumn festial, SmartFood team have a business trip for week through 3 countries (Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia). In this business trip, we planned to meeting with our clients. We also checking the quality of products which we sourcing to them. After finished the trip, we also get new order about frog legs, pangasius, basa skin.

Business success in Shang Hai Seafood Expo 2018

After VietFish 2018, SmartFood team also attended at Shanghai Seafood Expo 2018 for meeting with our clients in China. This business trip is very succesfull that we have signed contracts for export 20 containers of Pangasius. Beside that we have connected with new clients.

SmartFood team have meeting with clients & partners at VietFish 2018

VIETFISH (Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition) on August 22nd -24th is the largest seafood expo of Viet Nam over 20 years. At this event, SmartFood team have the meeting with partners in Pangasius (basa/swai fish), shrimps, clams, octopus

Short meeting with Maxim’s Caterers Hong Kong in Viet Nam

On 25 July 2018, SmartFood team have the short meeting with the Maxim’s Group in Viet Nam. So on this meeting, our team was tallking with Mr.Pipo Au (Head of Food Procurement, Supply Chain) and Ms. Jessie Yeung (Office-Food Procurement, Supply Chain), we talked about the long-term business between Maxim’s and SmartFood for seafood sourcing in Viet Nam, do the inspection, quality control for Maxim’s Caterer’s requirements.


In the first half of 2018, The market pangasius Viet Nam maintained a 2 digits growth, and is forecast to continue growing strongly for the rest of the year despite the demand from china.

Smartfood Corp Joined the ThaiFEX June-July 2018

On June - July 2018, SmartFood Team visited ThaiFEX (Thailand Food Expo), we stay there for 3 days and meet many suppliers, buyers in the expo.

Smartfood Corp visited the International Food Expo at Philippines (IFEX Philippines 2018)

At 25-27 May 2018, team Smartfood Corp go to Philippines and join the expo as the buyers. In this expo our teams worked with many oversea buyers and also visited booths to research about the Philippines food market. We connected with a lot of SME company in Philippines

SmartFood Team researching fruits market at Shanghai-Shangdong Fruits Expo 2018

On April 2018, SmartFood Team researching fruits market at Shanghai-Shangdong Fruits Expo 2018, we contacted with many fruits suppliers in this expo, we also researching about the China fruit markets for our future plan.

Team SmartFood visited Hong Kong seafood Expo September 2017

Team Smartfood vistited Hong Kong Seafood Expo on Sept 2017, we contacted with many seafood buyers and suppliers at this event.