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About Us

Best way to buy high quality seafood in Viet Nam with us

SmartFood Corp have more than 5 years experiences in seafood market, our team can help you to do business in Viet Nam. We support all oversea buyers/importers can find the high quality seafood products like fish (e.g: pangasius/swai/basa, barramudi, black tilapia, ....), shrimps (e.g: black tiger shrimps, vanamei shrimps, ....), octopus, white clams, brown clams, ... and many other seafood source in Viet Nam. Beside that we can make the deal to our partners and manufacturers to make competitive price. We also inspect products before export, and control the quality to meet the requirement from you.  Many customers from EU,  US, China, Middle East were believed and worked with us for many years. 

"No fresh, no future!"

Our Factories

Our factories have certificates like HACCP, ISO, HALAL, BRC, ASC,.. we can supply 150 containers/month, our factories focus on invest the technologies to save the cost and can produce high quality product for each markets. Our factories can process many type of product like fish (pangsius/tiliapia/markerel/...), shrimps, clams, octopus, cuttlefish ...


Our Markets

Right now, we were the seafood suppliers for US-Canada, EU, China, Hong Kong, Middle East, South America markets. We always try hard to increase our abilities that can supply seafood for more customers with the competitive price and committed quality. We proud that many large companies on each markets trust and working with us for long-term.

Meet Our Team

Clayton Cong

Sale Manager 
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Timber Tran

Sale Manager (EU-Middle East)
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Sang Dang

Trade Marketing
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Travis Tran

Asian Sales Manager
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